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About Us

About Us

image_t1_aboutusEastern Connecticut Physician Hospital Organization, Inc.
26 Haynes Street, Manchester, CT 06040
860-533-3425 or 860-533-2966

ECPHO was formed in 2005. It is an equal partnership of Eastern Connecticut Individual Provider Group, Inc. (ECIPG) and Eastern Connecticut Health Network, Inc. (ECHN).

  • ECIPG is a shadow organization that represents practitioners participating in the PHO.
  • ECHN is a not-for-profit health system consisting of two hospitals, two wellness centers, a nursing home, and many other healthcare partners.

By working together, we are able to serve our communities better than ever before.

ECPHO employs an executive director and a business analyst. Overseeing ECPHO is a 12-member Board of Directors consisting of:

  • 6 ECIPG representatives (3 primary-care physicians and 3 specialists)
  • 6 ECHN board and administration representatives

ECPHO Administration

Edward Roberts
Executive Director
Phone: 860-533-3425
Fax: 860-533-2994

Charles Davis
Director of Operations
Phone: 860-533-2966
Fax: 860-533-2994

ECPHO Board Members

Barbara L. Phillips, MD, Chair
Martin J. Hancock, MD, Vice Chair
Dennis P. McConville, Treasurer
Joel Reich, MD, Secretary
Susan Breslau
Karen Cadman, MD
Leona Crosskey
Howard Fitts
Eric Kloter
Dennis G. O’Neill, MD
Richard Orris, MD
Lenora Williams, MD

About ECPHO’s Executive Director

Ed_RobertsEdward Roberts became the Executive Director of ECPHO on December 1, 2011. Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Roberts worked for Middlesex Health System where he had been the Director of Contracting for Middlesex Hospital and for the PHO, Integrated Resources for the Middlesex Area. His duties included contracting with major payers for hospital and physician services as well as involvement in the national CMS Physician Group Practice Demonstration and Transition Demonstration Projects (PGP, PGP-TD), the precursors to Accountable Care Organizations.

Mr. Roberts had also served as Clinical Coordinator for Inpatient Psychiatry at Middlesex Hospital. Prior to his roles at Middlesex, Mr. Roberts had been the Manager of Behavioral Health for Anthem Blue  Cross.

Mr. Roberts has attended Greater Hartford Community College, Central Connecticut State College, St. Joseph College, Trinity College, The University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford. He holds a  bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a registered nurse.

About ECPHO’s Director of Operations

Davis_CharlesHired as ECPHO’s Business Analyst in 2005, Charles Davis today is Director of Operations. He serves as a front-line support for physician offices on health plan contracting and EMR issues, and also administers the PHO’s Preferred Vendor Program.

Current emphasis of the PHO is on programs to enhance clinical and electronic integration among physicians and hospitals, including the ECPHO/ECHN Health Information Exchange.

Mr. Davis is a versatile health care professional with a unique blend of provider relations, project management and network operations skills. Prior to joining ECPHO, Mr. Davis was the Supervisor of Provider Relations for Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc. (CHNCT) responsible for managing relations with community physicians in Connecticut and the day to day operations of the department. Before joining CHNCT in 1998, he held various positions in the retail world with a focus on customer service.

The ECPHO Vision

ECPHO will be the premier, community-based, comprehensive and integrated health care network in Connecticut. The ECPHO Vision will be obtained by:

  • Fostering the relationship between ECHN and ECIPG
  • Enhancing and using the competitive position of ECHN and ECIPG
  • Supporting community-focused care
  • Striving to add significant value to all relationships

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